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A Pagan Child’s ABC’s


A is Athame, the knife that we use.
B is for Beltaine, when partners we choose.
C is for Circle where we all are one.
D is for Deosil, path of the Sun.
E is for Esbat, when we gather round.
F is for Fire and its crackling sound.
G is for the Goddess in beauty and love.
H is the Horned One, our Father above.
I is for Imbolc, candles light the way,
J is for June when it’s Midsummer’s Day.
K is for Karma, the things that we do.
L is for Lammas, harvest’s almost through!
M is for Moon, riding way up so high,
N is for Nighttime, which darkens the sky.
O is for Ostara, when we hunt for eggs,
P is for Pan, with hairy goat legs.
Q is the Quarters and there are just four,
R for the Rites when we open the Door.
S is for Samhain, end of the year,
T is for Tarot cards, futures to hear
U is Undines from the watery West,
V is Vervain for protection and rest.
W’s Widdershins, the path of the moon.
X is the sign that’s the sign of the God.
Y is for Yule and the sun’s return,
Z is the Zodiac, 12 signs to learn.

Copyright 1989, Breid Foxsong

I would like to teach this to a child one day.

Advice for the beginners among my readers, especially the teens


For the love of god, be wary of teen spell books. I’m not going to say entirely disregard them, but do realize that many of them are…how do I put this?

Crap. Many of those books are crap, most notably a certain book by Metal TwoTotems.

In fact, let me take off my metaphoric witch hat and step more into my everyday face, which is that of a student learning how to get published as a writer and illustrator, so I can break down exactly why this is.

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